About Me


Hello my fellow bloggers! My name is Jasmine. I am a 32 years old even though some days I feel a lot younger and inexperience. I still have lots to learn from this beautiful life. My blog is compilation of thoughts, confessions and inspiration to love yourself more and more each day. As I myself struggle with self-confidence, the many mental blocks we put on ourselves and overcoming my own self-doubts to live a life from a place that is true and comes from within. I want to share and shine some light on these topics while sharing my own very personal stories and experiences.

As 2018 rolled in and I did some much needed inner work and healing that helped me connect with my true beauty. I discovered and realized that I have this little ray of sunshine and I want to help others connect with theirs. Just like all of us, I am figuring out my path and my place in this world while stopping to smell the roses along the way. I have many passions and one of those is traveling so I may share stories of my adventures and experiences as I connect with the places and people of this amazing world. I hope that you are inspired to love yourself and connect to your true beauty.