Where I Am From

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I was inspired by another blogger, who was also inspired by another blogger to write this poem https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/27803114/posts/14256. I loved his poem and wondered how I would describe mine so I gave it a try. I love poetry; how it resonates with you at a time and place in your life and how it expresses our feelings. I used to love to write poetry and songs when I was a teen; always inspired by love, either the one I felt or the one I longed for. Poetry has a way to connect us to the soul, like a mosaic of words that although soundless and colourless has melody and colour.

This poem was also inspired by my mother and my two younger sisters in this photo from 1995. They understood and felt the words as the story line is part theirs. This is the beauty of siblings  and even those best friends who we grown so close with and shared so much of our history, dreams, hopes and fears. Because of the stories and their ties to that place or the individuals that play a role in it there will always be a bond. A bond that I find indestructible regardless of the times you may have disconnected through the course of life -a bond that gets stronger over time. I dedicate this poem to my sisters.

Title: Where I Am From


I’m from mangos and palm trees

red earth and rivers

mountains and seas


I’m from lonely mothers

sweat and sun kissed skin

singing roosters and bedtime melancholy

morning coffee and a hint of honey


I’m from boroughs

fast cars and slow days

lost hopes and finding new ways

thrills and adventure always awaits


I’m from guitar sounds

rhythm of the conga and maracas

high energy and deep soul


Searching for lost words

lost in translation

searching for new ways

until my heart is safe and it can stay



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